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We are a family and friendly business.  What makes us different is we just dont offer a limited service.  We offer all aspects of Outdoor and Indoor window cleaning.  That's what makes our company different from our competitors.  We also clean your windows with clean purified water on every window.  Clearview believe professionalism and quality of work are key and go to great lengths to ensure we deliver this service to all our clients. 


Our Services

We offer all services as follows:

Regular Window Cleaning Front & Back of House. 

Conservatories and Roofs 

Indoor Window Cleaning

Fascia & Soffits (Cladding)

Garage Doors

Solar Panels

End of Tenancy Window Cleaning

Local High Street Window Cleaning including Signage Cleaned

New House Builds

Office Blocks Window Cleaning

Contracted Estates Window Cleaning


Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed


I do an awesome job at a competitive price and we will clean exactly what I quote for, I don’t cut corners I clean them!

I provide another level of service, reliability and cleaning for your windows. Are you fed up of random employees you don’t know from big companies turning up unannounced or jumping over your gate? Worried about unknown people cleaning the inside of your windows? I do all domestic work myself. I always offer to give a txt, call or email the day before to let you know and give notice to unlock the gate.

I'am fully uniformed and customer satisfaction is always the aim for me. I do an awesome job at a competitive price and I will clean exactly what I quote for, I don’t cut corners I clean them!

I offer a safe, affordable, professional service when cleaning your property, ensuring we take the upmost CARE, RESPECT and ATTENTION TO DETAIL at all times.

An affordable pricing structure means you’ll get great value for money without having to compromise on the quality of your cleans.

Let your windows be

the envy of the neighbourhood.

Frequently asked Questions


Purified Water System we use

General Questions from Customers

General Questions from Customers


Water Fed Pole window cleaning

You wouldn’t wash your dishes with cold water. You know that they wouldn’t be totally clean, so why do most pole fed window cleaning companies use cold water?

Traditional ladder window cleaning companies usually use warm water and chemicals to get the streak-free clean that you are after but unfortunately all cleaning chemicals leave a sticky residue which means that your windows get dirty quicker.

The easiest way to prove this by putting a drop of washing up liquid into the palm of your hand, rub it in and then feel how sticky your hand is! Add into the equation that your prized petunias may get trampled and your sills get ladder marks on them then you can see why the water fed pole (WFP) with purified water has taken off with our feet still firmly on the ground!

Window cleaning has evolved. 

5 Benefits of our Water Fed Pole (WFP) cleaning system

  • The WFP cleaning system gives you a longer lasting clean and provides a safer working environment for window cleaning companies.
  • By using purified hot water with our system you will find that not only do your windows stay clean longer but the frames and sills clean up better. This can easily be seen on facias, soffits and conservatories.
  • The purified water works by removing the dissoluble solids in the water so it is impossible for the windows to dry streaky or water spotted. The water we use has a ZERO TDS (total dissolved solid) reading so when we do your window cleaning the rinsed windows have a TDS of zero and are left to dry naturally.
  • We can provide a window cleaning service all year round – in rain, sun, snow and ice. Because rainwater contains elements of pollution this means that it has a TDS above Zero but the TDS is diluted down due to our system of pure water so you still get spot free cleaning. We guarantee this. Only electrical storms, winds over 30mph and torrential rain stops us!
  • When cleaning your windows we clean the frames and sills for free.


General Questions from Customers

General Questions from Customers

General Questions from Customers


Can you clean the insides of my windows?

Definitely. As well as the waterfed poles we mainly use to clean the exterior glass, all of our team are experienced in traditional window cleaning methods used for internal glass.



It’s raining; will you still clean my windows?

Our waterfed pole system of window cleaning means we can clean windows in almost any weather. There are however a few occasions when we can’t clean due to health and safety reasons. For example high winds would mean any high level window cleaning (above 3 storeys) could be unsafe. Icy conditions and lightning are also hazardous. Luckily the UK weather means these situations are rare. In most cases we will simply wait for the inclement conditions to pass and carry on. If for any reason your clean needs to be rescheduled we will contact you to rebook a suitable time.


My windows have been left wet – is this right?

The water we use is purified so any drops left on the windows will dry without leaving a residue.


I need to pay my window cleaning invoice, how can I pay?

Our bank details will be on the invoice we send so payments can be made by BACS, online banking or by cheque.


Do I need to be at home when you clean the windows?

We can clean all external windows without you being home – as long as any access gates are unlocked. For internal cleans we will need access, but we can book in a specified time and date so there’s no need to wait in all day.


Do you clean conservatories?

Yes, but not just conservatories, we can clean any type of glass, stained glass windows, swimming pool roofs, green houses, shed windows, outbuildings etc. Tell us when you book in a clean if you have any unusual buildings and we’ll be happy to provide a price for a clean.


How Often do you Clean

General Questions from Customers

How Often do you Clean




We offer a 4 or 8 weekly service on residential window cleaning.


We cannot guarantee that you will be cleaned on exactly the same day of the week every clean, but we do offer a SMS notification service for people who require it.



If you are unhappy with any aspect of our service please get in touch in one of the below ways. We want to exceed your expectations. If something is niggling you we'll be happy to help as best we can.


I have a 3 / 4 storey house – can you still clean my windows?

Our waterfed poles can clean up to 65ft / 20 metres from the ground and can easily reach 5 storey windows.


Will I need to supply any water for the window cleaning?

No, my van are self sufficient and can carry all the water I need for the day.


Do you clean windows on commercial and industrial buildings?

We regularly clean windows on commercial premises across the Bromley Borough and Street shops. NHS buildings, offices, schools, Housing Associations, hotels, retail units, churches and public sector buildings are just some examples of the work I carry out. As well as window cleaning we also provide other commercial exterior cleaning services including, cladding cleaning, and solar panel cleaning. Whether it’s a one off or regularly scheduled clean, or above shop signage we have the exterior cleaning solution to suit your business needs.


Do You conform to the latest health and safety laws?

We have got the latest window cleaning equipment in UK. The Water fed pole system eliminates the need for ladder ties so our work is 100% satisfied to the Health and Safety legislation in UK.

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